Load Cells

The basic principle of our well-proven Hydrostatic Load Cell has remained essentially unchanged since its inception in 1937 when it was invented by the company’s founder.  Simple in design, robust in construction, Statimeter Load Cells have given many years of excellent service, and continue to be a important aid in the field of load measurement throughout the world.  Statimeter Load Cells are used in a diverse range of industries to measure varying forces including tension, compression, tension/compression and torque.
Standard gauge sizes are 3″,4″,6″ and 10″ diameter, and units can be calibrated in lbf, tons, kg, kN etc. as required.  Electrical contact gauges, pressure switches and transducers can be used in place of, or (as in most cases), in addition to our standard gauge.  Digital indicators and indicator/alarms can also be offered in addition to, or in place of, our standard dial readout.  Most existing systems can be converted simply to digital readout.
Hydrostatic Load Cells provide an excellent basis for Crane Scales, especially for those used in remote or hazardous areas.